A Special Blog (Making a Difference Now)

I have a special blog for you today.

This is not one of my normal blogs. It's linked to the Minimalism Diary blogs I've been adding under the tab marked as that (at the top of the blog). 

My greatest goal and desire for living a minimalist lifestyle is to reach the world for Jesus! To use what I have been so generously blessed with to bless others for eternity.

As I shared HERE about my passion and a little bit of my journey to come to this point of minimizing and simplifying my house considerably. I have felt a long time discontent with how we are using our finances. I want to pay off debt, live generously, and travel as a family. I want to do all those things and am realizing I've standing in the way of those dreams.

I've had several convictions I wanted to share with you that I have had along the way.

#1 As an American, I AM WEALTHY! I would never say that. I would never label myself as that, but it's true. I have a great deal.

#2 My wealth, the blessings I've been given, are not supposed to be a stagnate thing that begins and ends with me and my pleasure. That is my natural thinking but I want more than just pleasure.

#3 I love Jesus more than life and how I use my MONEY can change where someone spend ETERNITY. Let me say that again. What I have been given can make a difference for all eternity, IF I use it differently.

#4 If I don't life differently, financially, the dreams I have of missions and travel with my older kid won't be a reality while they are under my roof. I have great dreams and I am standing in my own way.

Right after I embarked on this minimalism journey I watched a YouTube video that was about everything I care about! (Watch that video HERE) Angie from This Gathered Nest went to Shine Village in Uganda. She showed beautiful clips of her time as she shared about one of the Shine Village Programs called The Empowerment Program that helps women learn skills that can help provide for their families. Instead of just taking care of orphans they desire to PREVENT orphans but PRESERVING families. Tears come to my eyes at the thought.

I served in Malawi, Africa for a year. I know the hardships and life of the orphan, it's a terrible thing to not belong and not be cared for. The idea that Shine Village SUPPORTS families and in doing so prevents that child from ending up separated from his family from lack of basic needs being met. 

Encouraging Mamas,
Empowering Women,
Helping Children.

Three things I'm incredibly passionate about!

So, besides cleaning out my house and stop spending my money unnecessarily. I took half of my monthly spending budget and set up a direct donation to Shine Village. I want what I've been given to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I don't want to just have, I want to give it!

I encourage you to look at what is important to you, what you care about, and what your passionate about. Are you using what you've been given, your time, money, and energy, to make a difference?

Much love,

WATCH the video of Shine HERE!
VISIT their website HERE.

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