Being "Mama"

Have you seen the organ donor commercial with the fussy baby in it? 

The story behind the commercial is that the last man to hold the baby in the commercial was the recipient of the baby’s deceased mother’s heart. You can find the video here, but WARNING: If you are going to click on it, grab a tissue first! Or three.

There really is something magical about being “Mama”, isn’t there? It makes sense that our babies recognize our heartbeat when they come out of the womb, since they have been listening to it for as long as they have had ears. It’s one thing that is comforting and soothing and familiar in a whole new scary world. I had one baby who wouldn’t sleep away front my heartbeat until he was almost 3 months old. They also love our voices (no matter what kind of singing voice we have).

They love the smell and taste and feel of our skin. They love the rhythm of our movements. Someone can be holding my baby facing out and he will start fussing. I can take him and hold him exactly the same way as the other person was, and he will stop fussing. We are “home” to them. It’s so precious.

I’m always really bad about sharing my newborn. I mean really, really bad. And I feel kind of guilty about it, but I have a hard time stopping myself from hogging him. I just want him right with me, on my chest or in my arms, most of the time. My mom teases us by saying that the umbilical cord is still attached. And in a lot of ways, she is right. I love being “Mama”.

In other ways, being “Mama” is really hard. When I would just love to go to the bathroom by myself, or take a long, hot shower without worrying about hearing him cry. When I’m in the middle of cooking dinner or doing something with one of the other children and he isn’t satisfied by being held by anyone else. You know what I’m talking about, you’ve been there. Being “Mama” is hard!

But there are those precious moments that make it all worthwhile, aren’t there?

The other night the milk was flowing fast and my baby was sleepy and he started choking. He detached and I patted him on the back and he coughed his airway clear. Then he closed his eyes, leaned his cheek against my breast, sighed, and smiled. My heart about exploded out of my chest. The absolute contentedness that he felt just being next to me was so touching. He could have demanded anything of me at that moment and I would have done it wholeheartedly.

When we are up in the middle of the night and both so frustrated because we are both tired and he is having trouble latching on, I think back to that sweet moment. 

I want to encourage you, mama, to think back on sweet moments when you are in the middle of hard moments. It makes things a little easier. 

And I know being “Mama” is so hard sometimes, but it really is a blessing. You are a blessing to your children and they are a blessing to you. You are doing a good job, and that is why they love you so much. You are amazing!

Tell me about your special moments that make you feel like it’s all worth it. 

Lots of love,


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