Generosity in Kids

Generosity in Kids

How to encourage your kids generosity.

We had a yard sale this last weekend (read more HERE). It went really well! It was a really hot weekend but we had lots of people come and got rid of a lot of stuff. All of us named "the people" as our favorite part of the yard sale. Getting to talk and listen to those who came was such a joyful part of the whole event.

My daughters (ages 9 and 11) got to work the yard sale in exchange for some of the profit. They got to set up, take down, help give change to customers, and whatever else was needed. They were, for the most part, very cheerful, willing helpers and got paid at the end of the two days a good chunk of money.

Automatically we have half go to savings, the other half to "spending" (and usually 10% to giving but I forgot to remind them, whoops, I'll have to go help them fix that). My middle daughter has been dreaming up what she wants to spend her money on.

As we've been seeking a minimalist lifestyle (read more HERE about that), she's been watching as I've given away a lot of stuff. She's been listening as I share how I'm giving my money to those in Uganda who need help. She's been soaking up my passion to help others with what we've been given.
Her first choice of how to spend her money was on her most beloved cat, Sadie. She adores her cat! She decided she wanted to buy her cat treats. :)

Then this morning she talked about how a little money means a lot to her younger cousins... and how she wanted to use her money to bless them because it would mean so much to them. Be still my heart. <3

Watching my children desire to love on others and be generous is amazing! I told my daughter "That would be a great idea!" and she carried on discussing what she could to do get and give a gift to her cousins.

Mamas! They're watching, they are listening, and they are soaking up what you care about. Share what you care about with your babies and they will learn to care about it too. Show them what your passionate about, and watch them get involved too.

Much love!


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