I Didn't Forget...

It’s 10 PM Monday evening and I just realized that I have not written my blog for Tuesday!

That’s not the only thing I’ve forgotten today. I left some dishes soaking in the sink because I started them but didn’t get back to finish them.

I was supposed to go up to my grandparents house this afternoon and didn't realize that I had forgotten to do it until this evening. I made it up there around 7:30 PM.

I wanted to make an apple crisp and forgot that I was out of oatmeal. So I had to run up to my grandparents' house a second time to borrow some oatmeal. 

I was also going to give the baby a bath today, and possibly bathe myself since I don’t know how anybody can stand to be in the same room as me right now. But I forgot. 

I’m pretty sure I haven’t brushed my teeth or my hair today either.

And I left a load of laundry in the wash, so I’m probably gonna have to run it again tomorrow.

But I did have a nice little time of reading my Bible this morning. I also remembered to say a few prayers for some people.

My kids all got their school done, and the food I fed them was (mostly) healthy.

I remembered to look them in the face whenever they were talking to me today, instead of staring at my phone or the task that I was working on.

I got laundry hung on the line, which is always a big accomplishment because I love the way line dried laundry smells and I love how it saves on the electric bill. 

And I did have a really nice visit with my grandparents and my cousin’s grandbaby played with me for the first time.

I ALMOST got all the dishes done. I was so close. But the baby started crying and there are a few more dirty dishes on the counter. But I know I can depend on them to wait for me until tomorrow. Dirty dishes can always be depended on.

And my house may not look great right now, but it smells amazing because I actually did get that crisp in the oven.

Today wasn’t a fail because I haven’t forgotten how to love and serve my family. So even though I’m stinky and messy and my brains feel like applesauce from reduced sleep, and I’m surrounded by a messy house, it was a good day. 

I forgot a few things today, but I didn't forget the most important thing: to love God and to love others. So today was a win.

You are valuable and wonderful, no matter what you did or did not accomplish today!

God bless you,


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