Minimalist Nursery Tour (Boy)

I was trying to figure out what next to share with you on this minimalist journey. I've not done going through the layers of stuff in my house even though I've made great progress but I wanted to show you another room that is pretty much done. My son's nursery. :) 

I LOVE his room. It was so wonderful being pregnant with him and getting to prepare for my little one to come. Lovingly preparing his space to be calm, welcoming, and serene. I have gone through his room since and downsized. I still have the drawers to go through again but it's looking good.

This is what his room looks like when you first walk in the door. You have the rocking chair to the left, a blanket for his curtain, his end table with night light and noise machine on it, and his crib. Above his crib is a stenciled art piece with the meaning of his name on it "God has been gracious and merciful", we waited for him for a long time. <3

As you look left you'll see his "closet" area. This I simplified a lot. There used to be the diapers, wipes, and decor on top of this dresser. I put the wipes and diapers in the top, middle drawer of the dresser (easy to get to) and gave away most of the decor. He has his changing mat, and his Noah's Ark music box that keeps him calm (usually) while changing. The art work on the walls his sisters and I made. 

In the left corner we have a diaper pale, small tub we use for laundry, and a sit-n-spin which I haven't decided whether to keep or not. 

On the right wall of the "closet" we have a built in book shelf my husband made. It stores his books and a few toys. 

Where is the rest of the toys? Well, we have a small tub in a corner of the living room. We have puzzles and random toys in his bottom right dresser drawer AND....

His end table stores the rest! It has three drawers, ranging in size from large to small. He can open and shut these drawers easily himself and have access to his favorite toys: balls in the bottom drawer, blocks in the middle, cars and other small toys on top. And that's it! This kids LOVES his small amount of toys and honestly, he plays with them so much more now that they are organized and manageable then he did before when they were all in a big fabric box together. 

So there you have it, Boy Nursery Tour. 
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