My 11-year-old LOVES to Help

Building Responsibility in Preteens

There is lots of sadness as our children change and grow up but there is also so much joy. We get the honor and privilege of not only being witness to our changing, developing child but also to support, encourage, and lead them as they grow.

My eldest is 11 1/2 years old. She's in the middle of puberty and she certainly has her challenging moments. But she's amazing! She is just entering that "Adult Training" phase and she's pushing for her independence. As we lead and guide her in that independence and wise choices along the way the fruits of all the years of teaching, training, and loving seems so vibrantly evident and beautiful.

My daughter glows when she expresses love. She is filled with joy when she gets to help. She exudes pride when she gets to be responsible and she is becoming a young lady that I am SO honored to know and even more delighted to have as my daughter.

It's not always been easy. There has been tons of blood, sweat, and tears along the way and I'm sure there will be more to come, but I have to stop and share and rejoice with you over my growing daughter.

I looked back in the car today as she gave her baby brother a book. Her face was so filled with love as she looked at him and helped him. I'm so proud of her and how's she choosing to develop her character.

We've been reading Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola and it is a beautiful classic book that encourages character and a beautiful heart. I thought of how evident that choice to develop character and inner beauty is in my daughter.

She's 11. Dad get's her up at 5:30 am before he heads to the gym, then work. She showers, dresses, and gets all her school work done on her own in the quiet of the morning (she works best undistracted). After I get up and feed baby, I call for her.

She comes in smiling and her brother beams back at her. She says good morning and happily carried him off to join her for feeding the animals. Next, she feeds herself and gives him some breakfast as well. All morning, she is happy to help with her brother as well as do her chore and have some play time. 

I admire her so much! Serving others is certainly her gifting, her sweet spot, her strength and she loves to help! She gets up and gets all her personal responsibilities done and then she gets to help other and finds such joy in doing so! I just can't express my delight and joy in that. She's 11! Eleven and she's so full of love and joy, developing her character to be strong, kind, honest, brave, and true. I couldn't be more proud!

Mamas! This is what we are working for. It may take years to see, it might take longer than you want, but as you love and teach your babies and live as an example to them of what a noble and true women is, they will learn to be that too. They will grow responsible through your loving discipline and correction. They will grow in serving as you give them opportunities and encouragement, telling them often how proud you are of them, and how happy you are to be their mom.

Much love,


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