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A walk on the beach

Good morning Beautiful Mamas,

My family and I got to go camping this past weekend. I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you while I was away. I figured it out at the beach. I looked around and I started taking pictures of the beauty in the rocks and in the tide pools. I thought "That's it! I'll take pictures of the beauty and share that with the moms." 

So that's what I did. I got out my camera and started taking a picture of every beautiful thing I saw so that I could share it with you. What amazed me is, as I looked for beauty, I saw it EVERYWHERE!! All this wonderful creation, the tiny details, the sky and ocean, everywhere I looked I saw pieces of love from a Great Creator that loves us... and this is what I saw:

A bright green and yellow leaf caught in the sand.

Bright pink algae clinging to a tide pool changing it from grey to rose colored. 

A beautiful array of colors in the stratus of a rock.

A purple and orange shell in a sea of pebbles and stones.

Intensely green seaweed draped over a rock like hair.

Everywhere there is beauty. I encourage you, dear Mama, to take your babies outside. Go to the park, or your backyard, or find a tree in the middle of your city to look at. See what beauty you can discover together. Share a moment in wonder and awe with your children.

Much love,

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