A Dream Come True

A Childhood Dream

Come True

From the ages of 16-18 I worked as a Nanny for two little boys that I grew to love deeply. We went on daily adventure walks all around town, visited the docks and beach, and played at the parks often. It was probably the best "job" I ever had, but I didn't think of it as a job, it was a gift, it was a joy, and it was what I loved to do.

Somewhere during that two years of being a Nanny, I wrote a small bucket list/wish list. I wanted to be married by age 22 (hehe that didn't happen!), I wanted my kids to meet my beloved nanny kids (neither did that), and I wanted to have as much with my own kids as I had as a nanny.

Today the kids and I went on an adventure walk. 
We don't have school on Fridays and I'm trying to be proactive about my seasonal depression and get outside and exercising often. I prioritized getting out of the house and decided to go just on a walk around the neighborhood. 

We first stopped at a little swing set by a tiny church. We swung, the baby picked flowers, then we explored around the building, finally leaving to go to the plum tree near by.

Next, we walked to the plum tree and scavenged for ripe, but not bad, plums. Climbing up into the tree, straining to reach the last few good plums, shaking the branches, and collecting the plumbs from the ground as the baby swooshed plums in his hand and made a mess. 

Then, we went walking across the field. As we walked...

I recalled that dream "to have as much fun with my kids as I had as a nanny" and I smiled. We were out on an adventure walk and we were exploring and going with whatever happened next, having a wonderful time.

It was a dream come true.
It is a dream come true!

Being a mom is certainly tougher than being a nanny but I took the time today to be solely in the moment with my kids, playing and exploring and having fun, and it was wonderful, and magical in a very similar way as the 17 year old me had. 

I encourage you to find some time to slow down and focus on the little moments that bring you joy. Look at your life and see how some of your dreams have already come true, even if they look different than you imagined. Being a mom is an incredibly high calling as well as an incredible joy. 

Love much,


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