Beautiful Mess

Today has been kind of a mess...

My eldest, who gets up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for the day, made so much noise in the bathroom that she woke up her baby brother. I, who get up at 7 a.m. on a good day, got up, got the baby, and brought him back to bed where he nursed but wouldn't go back to sleep!

The next few hours are kind of blurry. I tried again to put the baby back to sleep, this time in his own room, with no luck. So I let my eldest babysit while I lay in bed, monitor on so I could still hear them, and fell back into a restless shallow sleep. 

An hour later, the baby was brought to me. I gave him hugs and kisses, and cuddle him for a little bit before sending them to get up my middle child... Another blurry, sleepy hour or two for me as I went in and out of sleep while listening to the kids play across the house in their room...

Like I said, today's been kind of a mess. It started at 5:30 am (5 am is my most hated morning hour ever), and it hasn't really gone anywhere since then. 

I've showered and dressed, prayed outside, and ate. That's pretty much it and it's nearly noon. Today's been kind of mess, a lazy day, a gloomy, cloudy day... but it's still beautiful.

My girls being wonderful big sisters to play with each other quietly (for the most part) and their brother while I half slept. They also both created cute little wooden doll crafts with their free time. Little pieces of beauty in the messy, "unproductive" day.

The baby has been refusing to go to sleep on his own so I've been going back in his room after putting him down and rocking him to sleep, which happened again today. Though it's frustrating at times and not convenient at all, it is also incredibly sweet to hold my little one-year-old son, cover him in a fuzzy blanket, his head on my chest just like when he was a newborn, and rock him to sleep. His little body pressed in close listening to my heart.

Beautiful mess.

Whatever your day looks like, good or hard, productive or not, look for the beauty in the mess. These moments are fleeting, make the most of them.

Much love,


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