Good is Getting in the Way Of...

The Enemy of Best is...


I've been trying to evaluate and work through the activities to commit to this fall (see that blog HERE). I was praying for wisdom and I kept hearing the same answer "None of them" to the activities I'd pretty much already signed myself up for...

Now, I often pray for wisdom and seek direction, but the funny thing is, I never like the answer! So, I rethought through the activities. I argued with myself and with God of why those groups/activities I was planning on would be good, why I wanted them...

Same answer to my question for wisdom about which activities to commit to "None of them"... Do you ever keep asking God the same question and getting the same answer? I do. Like I think somehow He's made a mistake, even though I'm seeking His wisdom because I know He knows better than me!

I finally surrendered with a reluctant "Okay, I won't go to those group" and surprise, oh surprise (sarcasm), I immediately felt relief and a weight lifted. I had only been wanting to go to those groups because I thought they would fulfill some need I wanted to have met.

I let go, always with a little fear and hesitation...

But here's the thing:

I can cling to what is good, or I can let go to find what is best.

Do I want to cling? Oh yeah! I want what's comfortable, what I'm used to, what I know. Oh yeah, I want to cling. But... I can never reach my full potential, I can never make leaps towards my dreams, if I am clinging onto the old and refusing to step forward towards the new. Sure, I want the safety, the "normal" but there is a time to let that go and move forward to something better.

I've seen this over and over in my life. Seeking direction, wanting progress, finding out which way I should move, and then arguing, and feeling my fear and doubts. Then I let go and move forward in faith, and yes challenges come, but so much freedom and beauty does as well.

The biggest barrier to what is truly best is the good we don't want to let go to get to there.

Mama, when it's time, and you'll know it's time, step out with courage towards the changes that are coming. Move forward and find what is better than your idea of best.

I'm rooting you on!

Much love,


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