Motherhood is Exciting!

In this blog we like to acknowledge how hard motherhood is and how hard you are working. We like to share that we are right in there with you and understand how it is. But we also like to celebrate the joys of motherhood, and all the positive and amazing parts of it as well. And that’s what I want to talk about today.

Motherhood is exciting!

Think about it. No two days are exactly the same. Sure, the weather may be the same as yesterday, you’re doing the same chores, and you’re sharing your space with the same little people…but those little people are going to do their very best to keep things from getting boring! And without even trying, haha! Motherhood is certainly not boring!

Motherhood doesn't drive me to drink, but this meme made me laugh because 1) I love Lucy, and 2) its true motherhood certainly takes you through a wide range of emotions. Every. Day.

I’ve always been fascinated with childhood development. My cousin had four boys before I was even married (I was 12 when the first was born), and we were really close, so I got a front row seat to seeing what child raising was like. It's just so amazing how each child develops differently, and how they grow from a helpless little being to fully functional adults. I even took a few college courses on childhood development after high school.

When my first was born, I was entranced. I was excited about every little thing she did. Her first frown, her first smile, everything. When she rolled over for the first time, I called my mom! Then I called my cousin. Do you know what her response was? “Geez, Lee, its not as though she is crawling or anything!” 

My bubble was slightly deflated, but I recovered. And I still allowed myself to get excited about all the new developments as my daughter grew and progressed. 

This one made me laugh, too. You never know what will happen next!

Because why not? We are working so hard to nurture these babies, why shouldn’t we reap the benefit of enjoying each exciting new moment?

My fifth child completely rolled over for the first time this morning. And you know what, it was exciting! It shows that he is healthy and getting stronger and developing. That is something that I am so thankful for. 

And I’m enjoying this new baby to the full. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any hard or frustrating moments (the kid wont sleep for more than 15 minutes on his own for one!), but it means that I am valuing and cherishing all the new little things that he is learning and doing. And its not just because he may be my last baby.

I just want to encourage you, mama, to find the fun and exciting parts of motherhood. Find the things that fascinate and excite you, and enjoy them! Because motherhood isn’t all chore. It’s a joy and a blessing.

Lots of love, mama!


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