My Little Encourager

I need of encouragement?

My unexpected encourager.

With our church change (read about that HERE), we have been trying to get to know the people in our new church and connect. That takes intention, time, and consistency.

I asked about the groups at our new church and found there is a women's Beth Moore Bible Study group that meets on Wednesday nights that was just starting up (I've done Beth Moore studies before and they are so rich and powerful but also really time intensive). 

Days before the start up of the group I tried to get a hold of someone who was actually going to the group... Didn't happen. I always feel ten times more comfortable doing something if I've talked to someone who is going also. 

Wednesday rolled around and I was getting seriously cold feet. I was grouchy, tired, and had a rough day. I didn't want to go. I could always go next week, right? 

The kids and I went on a walk in the afternoon to get out of the house and help with our grumpy attitudes. It was a beautiful sunny fall afternoon. Not too hot but plenty warm. We found a plum tree and ate from it, walked across an open field and ended at the park to play.

Sunshine seems to give me courage.

In that beautiful moment of being outside, playing with my kids at the park and having my husband show up to play too, I felt good. I felt strong. I felt confident. I could do this...

But as soon as we started our walk back to the house all my fears came back. What if I show up and no one is there? What if I don't know anyone and it's super awkward?

I talk a lot to my kids. I always have. So as we walked I began to voice my doubts and fears about going to the bible study. My little girl, my nearly ten year old, began to encourage me!

"It'll be okay Mom. You can do it. Maybe Violette will be there." She mentioned a lady who we'd met at church and a light bulb went off. She's in charge of the Women's Ministry. "I be she will be there!" I said with relief and excitement. "Thank you!" 
"Your welcome," she said with a smile.

We walked home, made dinner, ate, and then it was time to go. Again, all my fears pushed right back up. This time my husband and daughter were there encouraging me...

Off I went, NERVOUS, but I went.

As soon as I got to the church, I got out and headed for the door, no point in procrastinating now. There at the door was the nursery lady that watches my son. :D Then as I entered the Bible study, there stood Violette. :) My daughter was right and it would be okay!

I went, I learned, I got to talk to people and I made it home in time to put the baby to sleep and kiss my girls goodnight.

After everyone was in bed I crept back into my daughter's room to tell her "Thank you for the encouragement" and that she'd been right. :)

Remember to be brave Mama as you try new things. Remember that Love Spreads and encouragement some times Comes Back Around and it's so, so sweet when it comes from our children!

Much love,


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