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It's Fall and here in Oregon, all the kids are back to school. We homeschool but this is still a time to get back into the swing of things as well as all the extra curricular activities.

Choices, choices! Soccer, Awana, Wednesday night at church for the kids, Gymnastics, 4-H... What should my kids be involved in? For me it's Mom's Group or maybe I should do a Beth Moore Bible study group instead... Should I join a small group or not... Again, choices, choices.

I struggle with balance. I'm sure I've mentioned that before. I'm an all-or-nothing type of gal in pretty much every area of life. I work at balance but it doesn't come naturally.

Recently, I've been actively working to simplify our lives by downsizing our stuff, to be intentional about how I'm spending my time and energy, and evaluating what matters most to me. On top of that I began realizing that I'm choosing business over family (see blog on that HERE) and connecting with friends. I'm really trying to find balance.
Relationships matter. Connection matters. Family matters!

Now it's Fall, and all these choices are available! What do I do?! I honestly have been praying for wisdom in which choices to make, in how many activities to commit to for me and my family. How to prioritize actives that promote friendships and connections instead of those that just keep me busy and stressed, and well, disconnected. How to put relationship FIRST.

Relationship with Jesus first (which is most important to me). How to put relationship with my husband next, and not push that time aside for kids or other activities? How to prioritize my kids well instead of being stressed by everything? Too stressed to truly take the time to delight in them often. How to make time for friends and activities and all the other connection points? How to put relationship first... 

I've been seeking to be community and have community with others. Not just have lots of "friends" or acquaintances but true friends that I get to show up for in their hard times in life and vise versa. I want to be a friend that shows up and loves on people generously... To do that, I have to save time and energy for that!

As I prayed for wisdom in these decision I thought of people I know who put relationship first. Who will stop and talk no matter the time of day or what's on their schedule. Those who will text me back and remember to pray. Those in my life who have prioritized relationship with me and others. They are a SHINING LIGHT in my life! They have made an impact, a difference that I have never forgotten! 

Relationship matters! I want to be like those shining lights in my life to others. I want to make time for what matters most. Relationship first!

I encourage you Mama, in this busy time of year, and this busy season of life. Take time for what matters most to you. Treasure and prioritize what you truly care about. You'll never regret it!

Much love


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