Today was Poop

A Bad Day?

Be Proactive

Well, yesterday was poop. Like straight poop!

I felt like poop. I was lethargic, tired, and no amount of coffee helped my energy level increase.

I acted like poop. I yelled at the kids. I was incredibly impatient and irritable. I tried really hard, I had to say sorry a few times, and still... it was a poop day.

I tried to make myself feel normal. I got out of the house with the kids despite wanting to scream, yell, and hide in my room instead. It did help, a little, but as soon as I went back home I was back down in the dumps.

Nothing helped! I felt miserable, depressed, yucky.

My hubby came home, that always makes things a little better and we all sat down on the couch, snacked, and watched So You Think You Can Dance (best show ever!). 

I began to perk up a bit and thought we should get out the house for a walk while we had the chance (it had been raining).

Mmmm :) That was my favorite part of my whole poopy day, walking with my family around the neighborhood. Talking with my husband, watching my kids pick and eat plums from a tree we passed, the baby's faces as he interacted with us and the cars passing by. It was sweet, it was wonderful, and it rejuvenated me and brought me back to myself.

So, today, instead of waiting to see if it was going to be another poopy day, to see if my mood was fully in the toilet or not, I began by being proactive.
I thought this was a pretty funny picture to go with this. Lol!

I woke up at a good time and sat in front of my Happy Light for a good thirty minutes. I made simple, doable goals for my day to keep me focused and productive even if I didn't feel like it: Fold the laundry. Do school. I felt better immediately. 

I kept waiting for the fall out but it didn't come. While I did school with my eldest in the morning, again, I sat under my Happy Light. I made another goal of what to do during the kids Rest Time so I wouldn't just slide back into the gloom.

We all have rough days, rough season. Try being proactive to help encourage yourself. Set a few simple goals and do them. Spend time doing things that make you smile. You got this! You are AWESOME!

Much Love,


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