Too Busy???

I think I’ve done it again. 

I have mentioned before that I’m a “doer”. I like to be busy. My main love language is “acts of service”, so it makes sense that I’m a person who likes to keep in motion. It was one of the hardest things about my chronic pain these past six years, the inability to keep busy and do the things I love. 

Well, that being said, I also tend to overdue when I am feeling well. I plan too much. Not just beyond what I can physically take (though I’m totally guilty of that) but beyond what we should mentally or emotionally be doing. I have been feeling so much better these past few weeks, and the baby has moved beyond wanting to nurse non-stop, so we have been busy! Mushroom picking, swimming, playdates, appointments, shopping trips, birthday parties…I don’t think we have spent one full day at home in the past two weeks…

And the times we are home are filled with chores, canning, sewing, gardening…not resting! The only time I’m sitting is when the baby is nursing, and admittingly, sometimes I don’t even sit for that…

This is not good, and I know it. There are just so many fun things to do! So many wonderful things to do. But its just not all necessary, or really healthy. 

In past years, I have spent 6-10 hours a week driving my girls to dance classes. There is no dance offered in our town, but there is a wonderful program in the next town, about a 1 hour drive from my house, and we have been very committed to it. It has been a great experience and so enriching for my girls’ lives. 

However, I really felt like in this season of our lives God was telling me that I needed to back down and not commit so much time and finances to the girls’ dance. It was a really hard decision for me because I’ve really enjoyed being active in the dance company and seeing my girls flourish there. And I know that less dancing is going to put them behind their peers. But it makes sense. That is a lot of driving time for a newborn baby who does not tolerate being in the car very well. And these kids are eating more every day, and spending less money on gas will help our budget. So I made the dicision and made myself stick to it and only signed them up for one day a week this season.

The problem is that I keep getting tempted to sign them up for other things to fill up those other days. All good things, of course, like 4H, art lessons, after school activities…is it too late to get them in to soccer???

Eeek! Stop it, Lee! These things are wonderful and fun, but is it really necessary? 

Because I know how I get when I am too busy. When we are home, I am rushing the kids to hurry and get their chores or school done, and usually stressed because we are running late. It’s always a frantic race to get to the next activity. We enjoy the activities, of course, but is it really worth it if it makes homelife stressful? Not to mention that we fall way behind in our chores. Even though I’m planning most of all these things for my kids, they suffer a little in the long run. Everyone needs downtime. 

God mentions rest often in the Bible. It’s always a positive thing, like a reward. God Himself rested on the seventh day of Creation. He commanded His people to rest. Makes me think that I need to schedule some rest for us, too! 

How do you balance it? How do you decide when to plan something and when to pass on that activity? I’d love any advice I can get.

And please take my advice, dear Mama, and plan some rest! For you and your family.



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