Victory in a Smile

I taught my little boy to smile.

I’ve spent a lot of time leaning over him as he is getting his “baby exercise” (laying on his back and kicking and moving his arms) talking to him with a big smile on my face. And since we are all born imitators, he’s smiling more and more often, now.

And it kind of makes it all worth it. 

All the blurry eyed, middle of the night diaper changes. The hours and hours spent nursing. The hours and hours packing him around in the carrier and all the knots and sore muscles that come from that...

Because babies that aren’t well cared for don’t smile. I know that some personalities and temperaments smile less than others, but babies don’t have the energy or inclination to learn to smile at all if they don’t receive the love and attention they need. 

So I know I’m doing something right. I may be way behind in housework right now...and I’m having trouble knowing the right way to address some behavioral issues with some of my older kids...and I don’t feel like I’m having enough meaningful one-on-one time with my husband...but I have a baby who smiles, by golly, so I know I’m doing something right! 

I’m going to cling to that small victory and tackle the next issues as soon as I am able to. 

Because I am not a failure. I am good enough. I am an AMAZING child of God, and I have worth. And that little smile is a gift from heaven to show me a small reflection of God’s love for me.

It’s not just gas.

And I know how to make my big kids smile, too. So there’s another victory!

What small victory are you rejoicing in today? Whatever it is, acknowledge it, mama! It’s the small victories that keep us going, and when we take time to recognize and triumph over them, we get the encouragement we need to persevere and to value our worth. Even if that victory is only a little smile.

It’s a victory! Rejoice! 

Lots of love,


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