Confession: I love to hear my child choke.

Let me explain. 

Whenever I hear my son choke while nursing, I get a little thrill. I also get excited whenever I hear him fill his diaper or he soaks through an outfit. Why do I find these things so exciting? If you go back and read about my first week struggles, you will understand.

It means I’ve done it! My milk has established and he is growing and thriving on it. My hard work has paid off!

And I’m gonna take a moment to acknowledge this victory. Because for a long time I felt like a failure because breastfeeding was so hard for me. I felt like I was broken, like I was not the mom that I should be, that I was less of a woman. 

But those are all lies. I know not all of you are Christians, but I truly believe that the enemy of our soul tries to tear down mothers because our job is so very important. So don’t let him do it to you!

You are worthy. You are amazing. You are doing an incredibly hard job. And you are rocking it.

You may not feel like you are succeeding, but you are. Those kids know deep down in the bottom of the heart that you love and value them, and that is the best gift you can ever give a person. 

Sure, you’re not doing everything perfect. You can’t. So stop trying to be perfect or expecting yourself to be perfect. 

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I want you to rejoice in your small victories mama. And your big ones too. 

Breastfeeding is super important to me, and that’s why I worked so hard to make it happen. My baby just turned two months and I’m just now feeling like we have reached our rhythm with breastfeeding. I feel like I still have to nurse him a lot more often than other women have to nurse their babies, but who cares, I'm still doing it!

If you’re striving at something, like helping your tween get a better attitude about life, or potty training your toddler, don’t give up! It’s tough. And sometimes it takes a long time. But it is worth it!

Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your kids. You can do it! 

I am rooting you on, mama!



  1. I love you Lee! Great job and thank you for the encouragement.... I had the WORST fight with my huge fit throwing tween today and I needed that.


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