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Different than Pictured

Hello guys, 

Welcome back to my Minimalism Diary, I haven't written in awhile and honestly not much has happened.

I got my bedroom pretty much done and put together. I completed my second layer of declutter across the entire house and some, if not all, of the outbuildings. We have enough stuff for another yard sale! Kind of crazy since I was view by some as pretty minimal already.
My room

So minimalism doesn't look like I thought it would. Yes, it's SOOOOOOOOO nice!!!!! The amount of clean up time is significantly reduced! The focus on being intentional and choosing what really matters is incredibly rewarding and transformative!
Kitchen counters usually stay looking like this.

But, my house doesn't have white walls and neat or no artwork on them. My house has stuff that ends up piled on the end tables or counters still. It still looks just like a house... I think it looks like a neater, cleaner house by far, but there is nothing that say "I am a minimalist" or "My home is minimal".  I have furniture and throw pillows and stools and storage. It's not noticeably different to the outside eye.
The top of my dresser
Yet, inside my drawer is pretty neat.

And that's where I want to encourage you. Minimalism LOOKS different but on everyone it's about 

1. Keeping only what you need and brings value to your life

Getting rid of stuff I do not use is not a sacrifice or a trial in any way. I'm getting rid of stuff that is in the way, unnecessary. I'm keeping only what I truly use and what I need to pursue my purpose in life. That brings so much freedom and joy. It is about having what counts, not getting rid of things.

2. It's not about having less but it's about having more of what matters most.

With less physical items I have more energy to have more of what does matter to me. I have more time to spend playing with my kids. I have more peace to have patience with my kids. I have more energy to love on and encourage others. I have MORE of what truly matters as I have LESS of what doesn't.
This beautiful moment happened just today.

3. It penetrates more areas of life than just stuff.

This one truly has been the most beautiful to me. As I'm simplified my house I've also looked at other areas that feel stressful or out of control. I've looked at my schedule. I've looked at how I manage my time. I've looked at how to simply meals and yet, prioritize them higher because they matter to me. I've looked at how to create more peace and more space for relationship because simplicity is freeing and energizing to me.

I hope this has encourage you in some way. That's the whole point.
My minimalist home doesn't look like I see in pictures but it's simple and beautiful and peaceful to me and that's what matters.


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