A Day in the Life of Lee (Part 2)

My last post was A Day in the Life of Lee. I chose Wednesday, then realized that was a busy day to choose. I was going to try doing the day after, but, even though I didn’t leave home that day, it was pretty much just as busy. Plus it was a pain to take the time to stop and write down everything that I was doing and at what times. 

My take from the day was that even though I’m trying to cut down on all the extras we do, I am still a busy person. I didn’t take much time for rest. But worse than that…

The guilt! As I was going throughout the day, taking note of everything I was doing, my mind was full of all the things I was NOT getting done. For example:

I cleaned two of the refrigerator shelves. I felt guilty for not getting the rest done.

I hung three loads of laundry on the line and sorted four loads into the kids’ baskets for them to put away. I felt guilty for not getting my husband’s work clothes wrinkle released and hung up for next week.

The boys had fun playing with each other and I did get their school lessons in, but I didn’t feel like I spent enough time with them. 

The list goes on and on! The negative voice in my head was there to steal every small victory from me. What a stinker. Why did I let it happen to me?

If you read my last blog, you would see that it was a really productive day. I got a lot done. I took good care of my kids. It was a normal day, I did as much as I could do! 

It is amazing to me how much of a conscience effort it is to fight the lies that we tell ourselves. 

I am good enough. I did a good job. I'm not perfect because I can't possibly be perfect. 

Neither can you, mama. Don't spend all day listening to the voice that criticizes and condemns you. You are worth far more than it is telling you. Celebrate the things you DO. Celebrate who you ARE. You are AMAZING.

Lots of love, 


  1. AMEN!!!! I was struggling with this all weekend. I kept feeling like a jerk for doing any little "imperfect thing" it was ridiculous. I ended up just calling it out as a lie and moving on but man, the guilt is tough, and SO false. That's the voice of The Accuser not the Voice of Truth


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