A Day in the Life of Lee

When I was visiting with Mrs. Joy a few weeks ago, she said that a lady told her that she loves our blogs but doesn’t understand how we have time to write them. So I thought I would invite you to join me in A Day in the Life of Lee:

12 am - 5 – I cosleep with baby. Most of the time I have no idea how many times I’ve nursed during the night. 

5:30 – my hubby’s alarm goes off. I mumble that I love him and hope he has a good day. Then I latch the baby on and fall back to sleep.

7:00 - Baby wakes up and we roll over to nurse. I’m surprised at how wet he is because I just changed him a few hours ago but figure I will nurse him and then change him and my sheets afterwards. I say my prayers while he nurses and then doze off again. After a while I fully wake myself up to realize that there is poop on me, the sheets, and of course, the baby. Off to the bath!

8:00 -  My oldest loads my bedding into the washing machine. My second gets cereal onto the table for breakfast and the kids eat. I check Facebook and finish my next blog while nursing the baby. I also read Joy’s blog.

8:45 - Baby falls asleep and i try to get him to sleep on his own but its not happening. I bring him out onto his play mat and put it beside my yoga mat. He gets fussy but my second comes and entertains him so I can do my 15 minute video. The rest of the kids work on their morning chores. 

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

9:30 - pray for and brush my oldest's hair (she's having a hard day
), nurse baby, talk to my Oma on phone, snap at my second and quickly apologize, put the baby on my back so I can get some chores done and he falls right to sleep.

10:15 - 1:15 - Hang two loads of laundry (while listening to episode 139 of the Trim Healthy Podcast, its so good!)sweep floors, make the kids a snack, wash dishes, clean out part of the fridge, hang up a load of diapers, talk to hubby during his lunch break, and make lunch. All during this time I have the baby sleeping on my back and I'm helping the girls with their school when they need it. Also interacting with the boys off and on.

We planted multi-colored carrots in the garden this year.
 Aren't the purple ones beautiful when you cut into them?
The kids and I admired them for like five minutes.
 They made our soup that we had for lunch purple, too.

1:15 - 2:55 - serve lunch and pray with kids, let them watch a Bible show while eating, sort 4 loads of laundry while nursing baby, have kids get ready to go out of town for dance lessons, message back and forth with three different people arranging things for this afternoon and this weekend and next weekend, alternate between playing with baby and helping my oldest with her math (again, she is having a really bad attitude about school today) and getting myself ready to go. 

How can you resist those big blue eyes?
 I'm head over heels in love with this little guy!

2:55 - rush to get dinner packed and everyone out of the house. Baby fusses for about 10 minutes in the car and then falls to sleep. 

3:30- pick up the girl we carpool to dance. 

4:05 - make it to dance a little late. Throw the girls’ hair into buns. Pray for a friend that is having a hard day. Nurse the baby and do the boys’ school lessons with them while the girls are dancing. 

5:00 - head to a park and picnic with friends. Change the baby’s diaper and he is so happy laying on the grass, looking at the sun shining through the leaves of the tree above him. The kids are enjoying the fresh air and free time.

5:55 - drop kids off for their first night of Awana. All but my third. He keeps saying loudly, “I don’t wanna be in this place” and the baby starts fussing so I decide that I’m not going to fight him on it and we leave. Then, of course, all the way to the car he is saying, “I don’t wanna go grocery shopping! I want to stay here!”. I tell him that he can try it next week and we go shopping. 

6:30 - My third has calmed down and behaves well in the store. He pushes the cart while I pull it one handed, using the other arm to hold the nursing baby. We hit two stores to get our weekly groceries and get gas.

7:30 - Pick up the kids. Take the extra girl home. Unfortunately, the baby cries the entire 20 minute drive. So stressful when he does that!

8:00 - Visit with the extra girl’s mom while nursing baby. He fusses a bit when we first take off, but my oldest rocks his car seat and he falls asleep.

9:00 - arrive home and unload groceries. My oldest holds the baby while the other three kids and I put all the groceries away. The kids visit with their daddy while I work on typing this up. 

10:00 - kids get on their jammies and brush teeth and we all visit together on our bed before sending them off to their bed. 

I still can't believe how well my big boy did at his first night of Awana!
Its amazing how grown up he seems, especially since having the baby.

10:30- nurse baby and chat with husband about our days. 

10:45 - hubby and baby both fall asleep. I check out Facebook and then read the Bible.

Then repeat the nursing and sleeping between nursing bit. 

This took a long time to type up! I’m always too wordy and not so good at summarizing. But that is a typical Wednesday for me. Hope you don’t find it too boring to read. 

Whatever your day is like, I pray that God blesses you in it! 


P.S. Next blog I'll share some observations I had about this day...


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