Back to the Basics

Well Ladies, 

I've just completed a full week of using cloth diapers. 

I never considered myself "hardcore" enough to be a cloth diapering mom. My sister did it and she was very hardcore about it. My sister-in-law did it. My mom cloth diapered my three siblings and I. I just didn't have an interest in it. I was good with disposable.

Then... I forgot to order diapers too many months in a row and we ran out and had to run to the store at the last second. That combined with trying reusable products of other kinds and simplifying (see full journey HERE about minimalism) I thought about cloth diapering again. Benefit #1 I wouldn't run out and have to run to the store. #2 It would save money to help reach our financial goals...

I decided to try it by buying used cloth diapers and seeing if I could do it. Surprisingly a friend of mine had some on hand that she wasn't using and she let me borrow them! So I got to try cloth without even having buy them myself.

It's been a week and I'm surprised how much I like it. Yes, the poop is gross! That's true. We do use disposables at night. We do change diapers more often than with disposables to avoid leaks, oh, and we've only had one leak. All in all pretty good for the first week, I think.

But it's not all that that I really like. It's washing them. LOL. There's something so satisfying about taking those dirty diapers and WASHING them and I having MORE diapers! I don't have to order them. I don't have to remember to order them. I don't have to run to the store or receive them in the mail, I HAVE them and all I have to do is throw them in the wash.

It's been very enjoyable. 

My encouragement to you Mama, has nothing to do with cloth diapers. I think what I find satisfying about cloth diapering is the simplicity of it. The getting back to basics, doing some basic job that has a reward. What do you enjoy that takes you back to the basics? Cooking a meal? Going for a walk? Sewing? Gardening? Pick one of the simple and fulfilling things that you enjoy and do that! Let me know what you  chose to do to get back to the basics and how it makes you feel doing it?

Much love,


  1. I've used cloth diapers with all five babies and i love them! Here's a few tips i wish i would have known from the beginning: 1) boil your diapers every few months, it helps break loose any built up poo or detergent and prevents rashes; 2) line dry you diapers as sunlight helps kill any hidden bacteria (i even hang them for a few hours if its raining, because light still gets to them); and 3) wool soakers are AMAZING for nighttime and while driving. You save a TON of money doing cloth.

    1. Thank you for the tips!! Do you boil them in a pot on the stove? I've been using hot water when washing them so far. I've never heard of wool soakers, I'll have to look that up. We still use disposable for night time.


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