Building Habbits that Last in our Kids

I recently shared with you our morning routine, of what an average "good" homeschool morning looks like for us (see that blog HERE).

Something I have struggled with in our daily routine and feel like I am finally doing well at, is helping my kids build a habit of spending time in the Bible and praying first thing in the morning. 

For me there is nothing more important than spending time basking in the love of my Heavenly Father, listening to Him, reading His word, the Bible, and pouring my heart out and learning more and more of how He loves me. This habit of meeting with Jesus first thing in the morning started for me 11 years ago when I went on a Teen Mission trip. 
A picture from my 2009 trip to Africa with the same mission group.

We were trained before going overseas as teen missionaries. We were put through our paces on an obstacle course, we took classes, and we went through a grueling two weeks of intense boot camp style training. Part of that training was 30 minutes each day of Bible and prayer time, quiet time... Now, I will tell you truthfully I think I fell asleep EVERY SINGLE DAY during Quiet Time (it was directly after the early morning obstacle course and then a delicious breakfast. Sit me down right after that for 30 minutes and I was out!) but this time created a habit.

I enjoyed my Quiet Time with Jesus much more when I was over in Africa, NOT being woken at 5 am or running an obstacle course before hand. It was during that boot camp training, however, that I surrendered my life fully to Jesus and I knew I wanted to stay faithful to that 30 minutes of spending time each morning with Him.

And I have! Eleven years later and I take great joy in bundling up (it's cold now in Fall), grabbing my coffee, Bible, journal, and pens and heading to the back yard. I sit and I say "Good morning God," and smile every day, and then start chatting with Him. 

My daily time with Jesus has changed my life and my heart! I have learned so much of His love and how secure and free I am in Him. He's walked me through every up and down in my life, just Him and me, outside, me pouring out my heart, and Him filling it back up again! <3

This habit of spending time one-on-one with Jesus is a habit I value more than any other and I want to pass it on to my children. Whether they continue with it when they're older, is up to them. Whether they choose to love and surrender to Jesus is only their choice, but I want to pass on this most invaluable habit to them.

So, through lots of trial and error, lots of making it a priority and then letting it fall back out (I never want it to be forced) we have found a good balance to put this special time as top priority in our home and in our morning routine.

We all rotate responsibilities in the morning(my daughters and I) because some one always needs to be watching the baby, so our personal time with Jesus happens at different times for each of us. 

My eldest, first thing in the morning at 6 am after her shower, pulls out her Bible and Prayer Journal. My middle child when she wakes up before she gets out of bed grabs her Bible Journal and prays. For me, it's right after the baby is fed and my coffee is made. 

Regardless, of the different ways and times we spend with Jesus, it's really sweet when we all come back together for Morning Time, our first thing together to start our school day, and share what we learned from Jesus and the Bible that day.

Our individual time with Jesus in incredible special and a habit that I hope my kids share and get to enjoy for a lifetime.

What are some habits you want your children to learn from you? Maybe writing down things they are thankful for, doing a chore each day that helps the whole family, or to serve people at an old folks home? What are your greatest values and most important habits? I encourage you to pass that on to your children! Good habits are so important.

Never forget, you are amazing!

Much love,


  1. I used to go outside, read and spend time with Jesus. I'm realizing how much I miss that. With work ect I let the most important time of my day go. I also like to listen to worship and pray, something else I've let slip. My goal starting now is to spend time with Jesus first thing. Loved this!

    1. Oh, that's wonderful to hear Susanna! Do it! It's so worth it. I hope you make the time, it's so special. <3

      Thanks for commenting and let me know how it goes. :)


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