I feel like in general I'm a pretty content person. I like what I have and I'm not usually on the hunt for the next new thing.

I think my childhood contributes a lot to this. I had to learn contentment. We had very little and though I remember desiring a great many things, I didn't usually get the chance to have them, so I learned to be content.

I remember getting catalogs in the mail and circling everything I wanted most. I would then calculate the cost and decide how long it would take me to earn the money to get it. Then I would dream about when it would arrive and all the things I would do with it and how much fun I would have... and that was it.

Next month, another catalog and I'd do it all over again. I think I only actually bought one order ever and that was a combination order with my siblings. But I learned to dream and imagine but I learned to be content with little because that was what I had.

In adulthood, I've found when I have less that I'm happier, more content. The more I'm able to get the more I struggle with contentment and satisfaction because I could have more. Isn't that a funny thing? I think we all think sometimes if we just had that, whatever that is, then we'd be truly satisfied and happy, but that's never how it actually goes. Sure, maybe for awhile, we'll get it and feel a little buzz but then the buzz wears off and we look towards the next thing.

Today, I'm struggling with dissatisfaction. I have things I want and have striven for and have alluded me. It's frustrating. I have the inclination to complain about everything because I didn't get what I want... I sound like a child right now. Isn't that the attitude in my child I try to correct and guide them away from?

We are humans. We are born dissatisfied and our culture doesn't help in any way with every advertisement screaming at us "BE DISSATISFIED" and "YOU NEED THIS TO BE HAPPY" and "IF YOU JUST HAD THIS, THEN YOU'D BE HAPPY".

It's a lie.

Point blank. Lie.

I believe the lie the same as the next person. I struggle with contentment despite all my efforts. As I battle dissatisfaction I ask myself: What is the real problem? For me (as I can only speak for myself) it's a combination of things. It's a lack of my desire being filled as well as a lack of gratitude for what I already have.

Gratitude doesn't mean I don't strive for better, or for my goals and dreams, but it gives me peace and opens my eyes to the beauty of right now. Along with gratitude coming up with reasonable goals to attain your true desires, the ones that align with your true purpose and goals in life is good and healthy.

Keep on guard against dissatisfaction and discontentment Mamas, because it will steal the beauty from all the gifts you have right before you. Be proactive to pay attention to the beauty even as you strive forward towards your goals. This time is precious and valuable, even though it's often difficult. 

Much love,

Next week I'll be sharing some of my story of a step I took towards being more content. Hint: it has to do with social media.


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