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Tips for Depression

I wrote a blog recently about struggling with and the daylight hours changing (see that blog HERE). So, today I wanted to share with you some tips for depression (whether seasonal or not).

I love my Aunt.
I've learned so many lessons from her. She half-raised my siblings and I and imparted so much wisdom and flair along the way.

My Aunt struggles with depression. I never noticed as I kid, I just remember her talking about. I remember her saying "When you feel depressed, you don't want to anything, but doing things anyway, because doing things you enjoy helps with depression."

I guess, I stored this information away somewhere because I never forgot it, though it wasn't till much later that I pulled it out to put in use.

I only had one true bought of depression and that was over ten years ago. But now, I just struggle with times of feeling depressed, usually triggered by feeling overwhelmed or by the seasonal changes.

"Do the things you don't feel like doing" I remember my Aunt's words.
Photo Credit: Pintrest

When I feel depressed, I don't want complete tasks, get out of the house, again, anything! What makes me feel better, less depressed, less sad, and less unmovitvated? Doing those things! Finding a simple task and competing it. Getting out of the house with the kids, doing something I enjoy!
Family walks always brighten my day.
This is my hubby and kiddos. <3

So I want to encourage you Mama, some times we don't want to do anything! Now, if your exhausted and need a break, go for it! But if your lack of motivation stems from depression, try to do something, anything, anyway. Go on a walk with your kids, play a game, meet a friend for coffee. Do the things that make you feel better, even when you don't want to and never feel ashamed to ask for help when you need it!

Much love,


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