Eager to Help, LET THEM!

My youngest is 15 months old.

He's smart and loves to figure out how things work. He is always putting lids on and off of things. Always watching to see what we are doing and trying it. He's learning all the time and it's so fun to watch!

The other day I was doing laundry. I had thrown all the clean rags on the floor to be put away later in the rag bucket. I sat down and began folding the other towels when along comes Baby. He sees the rags on the floor and the remaining towels in the dryer. He picks ups the rags and, a handful at a time, shoves them back into the dryer.

I smiled and told him "good job" for helping. I just adore the eager helping heart! After I had finished folding and putting away that load of laundry, I had to put the clean, wet laundry from the washing machine into the dryer. My baby was still hanging out wanting to be near Mama, so I thought I try something.

As, I pulled the wet laundry out of the washer I handed it down to my little baby and HE PUT IT IN THE DRYER! :D Happy and eager to help, I was just thrilled. A little over a year old and he took his first step to doing his own laundry! :D

With my daughters I started them young too and they, now 10 and 11 do all there own laundry, washing, folding, and putting away. 

Now, when my daughters to laundry, they happily let their brother help if he's near by. 

Our kids want to learn, they want to be involved, they want to be useful, let them! It's super sweet and connecting but also, you are training your kids to do the jobs that will be their own responsibilities later in life. Let them learn while they are eager and excited and enjoy the steps and blunders along the way. :)

Much love,


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