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Hey Mamas,

Let's chat.

It's the afternoon rest time here at my house. My eldest is reading on her bed, my middle child is playing outside, and the baby is asleep. I just went and got a second cup of coffee, just because it sounded nice.

I poured the cold, black coffee into my favorite Malawi mug (I served there as a missionary). I popped it into the microwave and then added heavy cream and a spoonful of white sugar. I stirred it looking around at my freshly painted kitchen. I looked at the frozen beef sitting out on the counter and thought about dinner and hopefully going on a walk with the family before that.
My half finished kitchen cabinets.


Are these words you like? 
I certainly do!

As I've strive to be intentional with things in life. As I've gone more minimalist physically and simplified things is my schedule I've grown more intentional about my decisions in all areas of life as a result.

Sit down and have a cup of coffee with me, Mama, because I'd love for you to experience this too! We talk about busy, we don't just talk about it, we are busy! Busy with the house, the kids, the chores, the commitments we made, the things we have to do. We are busy. I don't think any one would deny that having littles is a busy season of life.

But are we too busy? And are we doing it to ourselves? Are we living in a way that strives for and accomplishes our goals and purpose in life or not? Are we making intentional choices or are we just getting caught up in all the... things, stuff, plans... busy?

I know I've got caught up in the busy over and over again. It feels exciting, thrilling even. It feels important and purposeful for a moment, but in the end I always felt tired, worn out, and unsatisfied.

I'm not saying anything is going to keep you from feeling tired and dissatisfied at times but overall do your choices lead you to your goals? Do your choices leave you feeling grateful and satisfied with what you've chosen to spend your time/life on?

I've found with this slowing down, simplifying, intentional living, whatever you want to call it, not only am I doing more of what's so important to me (loving God and others) but I feel happier and more peaceful doing things that I've often been "too busy" to do... 

Make dinner... MAKE DINNER. That frozen beef on the counter is my plan for dinner tonight. As much as I love helping and serving my family, dinner has been a love-hate relationship for years. Lately, I've been putting a higher priority on it with simplifying my busy (and I've simplified the meals themselves to be much more doable and a whole lot less prep and clean up) and I ENJOY it now. It's not a task I feel I should do, but instead something that draws us all together, which is a huge part of my goals and joys in life.

We had tacos for dinner. Easy, quick, and delicious.

Making dinner is just one of many examples of how simplifying has not only helped me head towards my goals but helped me enjoy the journey along the way. 

I just want you to know there is more than just making it, just getting by, just surviving this next phase. There is a better way to live with less stress, fear, and anxiety. To be able to rest in what matters most and live a purposeful life, not just caught up in everything you feel you have to do. 

There is more in less busy, less crazy, less distractions. There is more beautiful things than the status quo. Be intentional about your goals and purpose and life and see what "more" you can find. I just wanted to sit down and have a chat with you and tell you that today because I think you are amazing, I know your working hard, and there is more joy in this journey than I ever thought possible.

If any of this is resonating with you I'd LOVE to hear about your experience. Comment below or PLEASE email me at joyinthejourney30@gmail.com

Much love,

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