I Cried Over a Baby Doll

Well, my first tears have been shed.

Cleaning out my home, layer by layer, donating and yard saling and giving it away has been uncomfortable at times, and freeing over all. 

I kept my goals in mind and I've already seen so many benefits (see more HERE on that). It's been a journey but a wonderful one with way more immediate results that I ever anticipated.

I've completed my 2nd layer of cleaning out of my house (and remember I already tried to keep things minimal, at least I thought I had). I saved up for our 2nd yard sale (ALL our stuff leftover from last yard sale we donated and STILL had another yard sale worth, it's amazing how much stuff can fit into a small house and you'd never know).

This weekend was the yard sale. The weather was a big factor but it's turned out really nice. I prayed for lots of people to come and for our efforts to be blessed (we could use the extra few bucks right now). So far things are going well.

But I cried...

My son picked up a baby doll that had been a precious baby doll to me as a child. It was given to me by my Grandma and came with a hand painted cradle and hand sewn clothes. It was such a special gift and I have many happy memories playing mommy to my baby.

My son picked it up and walked around with it. Handed it to a lady and then to me. It was sweet and I saw a future child of mine loving on it in that moment. I pictured it not selling and me saving it for another child, another baby girl I hope to have one day...

Then it sold. I told my husband two dollars and he sold it for ONE. My full-of-memories baby doll for one measly dollar... And I cried. I went inside, so full of emotion and cried over that lost baby dolls and all the memories and dreams it held.

My husband came and held me for a bit. I tried to remember the truth: The dreams and memories are not gone with the doll, I hold them, and that can't be taken away. That was my special doll, if we have another girl, she'll have her own special doll just like my older daughters do.

It's just stuff. My memories are not gone with it.

Now, like I've said, nothing else has invoked this much emotion. A little sadness or discomfort, sure, a whole lot of shock realizing just how much stuff I can get rid of and never need or miss again, yes! It's been a surprising journey in lots of ways.

But in minimalism, as with all change, there is moments of sadness, loss, and discomfort. That doesn't mean I'm heading in the wrong direction, it's just part of the process.


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