My Social Media Addiction (Part 1)

I've been sharing a lot lately about striving to be an intentional mom, prioritize relationship first, and live simply to accomplish goals and live with purpose. I wanted to share with you one of my biggest steps towards living intentionally.

As moms, we have such an important job. Such a crucial time frame to pour into our little ones in a way that effects their entire lives. It's so powerful what we are doing and being intentional is really important!

I want to share with you my personal story of social media addiction:

I got my first smartphone in my early twenties. I remember being really reluctant at first since I was perfectly happy with my current cell phone and hate change. But I finally gave in and was AMAZED at everything I could do on my new smartphone! I LOVED it and spent a good chunk of time getting antiquated with all its new features.

I had it on me at work, at home, and I loved it! It was fantastic! I had the world at my finger tips. I could look up any random question that I had instead of get an exacerbated "How should I know?" in response to my endless questions. I could also chat with friends I had met, even if they lived across country. It was great!

A few years went by, I became a mom, and I began to notice a problem. Not only did I realize I was using social media as a band-aid to mommy loneliness, but I also noticed I had a really hard time putting it down... or looking up from my phone.

I began to notice that it was my children that were getting the worst end of the deal. They would come eagerly to me with request or with something special they wanted to share with me and I would say "Hold on a minute" because I was still looking down at my phone, still scrolling a little further on Facebook, still responding to some post I saw.
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I noticed this more and more and wondered what to do about it. I tried to put down my phone faster, to look up quicker, but it was hard! It was hard to walk away from the phone. It was hard not to scroll further and see what I could be "missing". It was really hard.

I started to gain awareness of the effect social media was having on me and I wanted something better for my kids and I, but I didn't quite know what to do. My final shove towards making a change happened when a friend of mine commented about her lack of pictures of Facebook. "I'm selfish with my memories," she said. In that statement I got a glimpse of something different, something better, something I wanted but didn't know how to get to...

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