My Social Media Addiction (Part 2)

My Social Media Addiction 

Part 2

As my friend said "I'm selfish with my memories," I caught the fire of a new way of viewing social media. She mentioned how Facebook wasn't as secure as I thought and I began to research.

It was true!

Not only was Facebook not secure (way less secure than I anyone knew at the time) and the security settings I thought I had ON had been updated away, but it was designed to be addictive!!!!!!!!!!

That was a huge eye opener for me. I knew I had a problem setting my phone down, or looking up at my kids when they were talking to me, but it was on purpose! Facebook and other social media apps and sites are designed like the slot machines in Casinos, to keep you going, keep scrolling, keep you checking, looking, wondering... To keep you addicted, so they can make money. 

I was a consumer to a product I didn't even know I was participating in. I was caught in an addictive pattern that was portrayed as "social" and "connect with your friends" but really was a designed to make me have less self-control and to be consumed... To be less connected with real life.

To give up my time, to ignore my present, to put my family aside, to not pay attention to my children was the results of social media for me. 
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When I realized that, it really made me want even more to make a change. I had taken social media breaks and it had helped for a while, but the results didn't stay and I went back to looking down instead of up at my eager children waiting to be loved. I had even deactivated my account before but when I got back on I'd get sucked back in...

I knew I not only wanted to make a change, but I had to go all the way, to see the results I wanted, to be unaddicted, not consumed, not distracted from the beautiful life I was given by staring at others "betters".


100% all gone, not deactivated, full delete!

Then I had withdrawals!

That was a shock. I had withdrawals! I knew it had been taking control of me but I had no idea how bad it really was for me, until I stopped...

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