Our Morning Routine -Homeschooling with a Toddlers

Our Morning Routine

Homeschool Day with a Toddler

Not to long ago I talked about letting my daughter grow up, letting her responsibilities be hers, and letting her have the consequences for her own choices instead of nagging her into trying to make the choices I think she should. (See that blog HERE). Well, since then, our morning routine has been so much more pleasant and peaceful. It's still A LOT but it's good. 

That is what I'm going to share with you today. How our average, productive school day morning looks like.

5:30 am 
My eldest is woken up by Dad, takes a shower, reads her Bible and prays and starts (and usually finishes) her school work. (I'm sleeping)

7 am 
Either the baby or I wake up first, but we both have 7 am as wake up, nurse, and cuddle time. This is such a great way to wake up, I love it!

7:20 am 
My eldest comes gets the baby and goes feeds the cats while I call my hubby before crawling out of bed.

7:30 am 
I wake up my middle child if she's not already awake. If she's awake she would be reading or working on her Bible journal. I drink my water, take my vitamins, and heat up my coffee.

7:45 am 
My eldest watches the baby, my middle begins her school work, and I go outside (usually pajama clad) to talk with Jesus and drink my coffee. LOVE this part of my day. I often write down my goals and my thankful things as well as read the Bible and pray.

8:30 (ish) 
I come back inside and we sit down on the couch. Baby has breakfast while my girls and I pray, read our Indescribable Devotional, and one other book that we are rotating through (Bed Time Math, Passport to the World, or The 7 Habits of Happy Kids).

9 am 
It's getting ready time for my middle child and I. My eldest watches the baby and does her chore. When my middle daughter is out of the shower and has had breakfast she'll do her chore then grab her reading book and read to her sister. I love seeing them sit together and read, it's just so precious. 

10 am 
This is when most of the school work is done for the day. At this time we usually switch again, with my middle watching the baby, and my eldest and I working on Language Arts together (The Good and The Beautiful and we enjoy our time together so much).

11 am 
And it's GET OUT OF THE HOUSE time! Whether that is a walk around the neighborhood or a trip into town this is our time slot. When we get home it will be lunch and rest time (and my middle child finish her school work on the computer during this time) and that is our morning.
Holding hands! <3 <3

It's still a lot of juggling and rotating of kids and who is doing what, but it's working and that's what counts!

How does your morning go? Do you like mornings or not? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

Much love,


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