Their Own Flight

In my former post, Who They Are, I talked about how God has been working on my heart about loving my kids for who they are. He is continuing to do this. I saw this meme the other day, and I felt like it really spoke to me, too:

I think, whether intentionally or not, we all have some kind of vision for what kind of life our kinds are going to have. It's pretty natural to want the best for them. And its pretty scary to come to the realization that its really up to them. 

As Mother Teresa said, we do our best to influence them, but ultimately, they have to decide their own flight.

This is frightening to me. 

I want my kids to do well. I don't want them to make the mistakes that I've made or that I've seen others make. Most of all I don't want to see them suffer for their mistakes and the way those mistakes can damage their relationship with God.

But there is nothing I can do about it, except raise them with the values and faith that our family holds dear. And let them make mistakes. They aren't old enough to make life damaging mistakes yet, but mistakes are good for kids, so I'm going to let them make them.

If my daughter is going to be shy and afraid at a social gathering, I'm going to let her. And then later talk about how she would have had more fun if she had chosen to come out of her shell.

If my son wants to blow his money on a cheap toy, I'm going to let him, so he can see how spending money foolishly leads to disappointment. Then I'll talk to him about it and make a plan for next time. 

This verse bring some comfort. It lets us know that there is hope. We pour so much into our kids, and no matter what they decide to do with their lives, it lets us know that it is not in vain. 

You are influencing your kids' lives. Don't give up because they are making some bumpy choices. They will grow through it.

Lots of love,


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