Being a New(ish) Mom Again...

Last weekend, my hubby and I left the four older kids with Grammy and went to an outreach event.

It wasn’t a fancy getaway. We attended a worship service, slept in the minivan, did a little shopping for the household the next day, attended another worship service, and then had a very late drive home. But it was nice to get away just the three of us (we took baby, of course) and have time to discuss some things that were on our hearts without being interrupted or distracted by the older kids.

It was really funny, though, because everyone we encountered jumped to the conclusion that this baby was our first. It makes sense that they would because more and more people from our generation have waited to have kids until they are our age, but it was such a strange feeling to be viewed as a first time mom again.

One conversation went as follows:

Man- Did you sleep well in the van last night?
Me- Not really. But I don’t get much sleep right now anyway, so it was fine.
Man- My first was such a bad sleeper. I remember my wife and I would take shifts and it was so exhausting.
Me- Yeah, but it will get better.
Man- Oh yes! I can tell you that, it will get better. Just wait.
Me- Uh, yeah, I know…He’s my fifth…
Man- Oh! Oh, well then you know!

His attitude to me totally changed when he realized that I had more than one kid. It was kind of funny. In his mind, I suddenly went from a rookie to an expert. But I didn’t have to.

Or by my fifth..

Just because his kids were younger than mine didn’t mean that he didn’t have good advice to pass on to me. “It will get better” is a fundamental parenting truth when it comes to sleep deprivation. Just because I’ve already went through it with 4 other kids didn’t mean that I don’t need to be reminded of it from time to time.

The hard thing about being a mom with many children, or just a mom with an older child, is that people assume you should have it all figured out by now. But parenting is tough. It will throw you all kinds of unique challenges with each kid. And just because I've been doing it for a while doesn't mean I don't still have lots to learn...

The only reason I feel like I am qualified to write this blog is because I am 100% sure that I don't have life figured out. I'm muddling through it, looking for answers and holding onto truths, just like the rest of you. 

I hope that knowing that a mom who is perhaps older than you or has kids that are older than your kids doesn't have it all figured out helps you feel better about yourself. Its a huge relief to me! We are all just working hard to do this thing called Life the best that we can.

You are awesome, mama.

All through the worship service people kept looking our way and smiling. I wonder why...


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