Born to Create

Born to Create

Encouraging our creativity

My maternal grandmother is an incredible tole painter. She's been painting for so many years and has taught classes as well. I remember the paintings of her scattered around her house when I was a kid, mixed in with other pieces of art and I just loved to look and wonder at them.
A tole painting very similar to what my grandma does.

My Dad is an incredible artist of all things, he's tried sculpture, acrylic, oil, watercolor, I think he's pretty much a genius. I remember watching him paint as a kid and be amazed at what came out of that hand and brush. It was like magic to me.
A painting I had my dad do for me. :)

Then there's me. I've always admired and been moved with emotion through art, photography, paintings, sculptures, it didn't matter, I loved all art but I never could quite grasp how to create it. I'd see these beautiful imagines, pull out a paper and a pencil and try to put it down and it was so crude and juvenile I'd just give up. I'd try again months later with something else and again, it looked awful and I'd give up...

But I never truly gave up. Art always drew me in and I wanted to create! I finally had a few art "breakthroughs" in my later teens where I saw something good come from my artistic efforts. I saw that if I had some direction, patience, and the right tools I could create something that was close to what I was aiming for, never perfect, never exact, but progress.

Today, we had another painting date with my Aunt (my tole painting grandma's daughter) and again she loved the process. She didn't have confidence in her work but when she began to draw, magic came out! 

I didn't get to sit and enjoy the quiet concentration of creating like I did last month (see HERE) because I had the baby and he was only interested in painting for 10 minutes and then wanted MOM! So I sat on the floor and played with him before trading with my daughter when she was done with her painting.
My painting.
I feel like I've finally reached a place
I'm really happy with what I can paint and draw.

We had a wonderful time of create. There's something so good for the soul with creating. We were made to create. Whether it's with pen and paper, a canvas and brush, woodworking, LEGOS, dancing, singing, it doesn't matter, we all have creativity in us.

Mama, what do you like to create? What do you kids enjoy creating? I encourage you to take some time to create together. Enjoy the process of making something (even if it's chaotic with littles). I'd LOVE to hear about some of your creations in the COMMENTS BELOW, or EMAIL ME some pics at 

Much love,


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