Collecting Memories

I used to think I had a good memory. The memory of an elephant right? I never forget.

When my girls were little I could recall so many memories, so many details, so many stories. Now, with three kids and years and years of memories I often find myself saying "I don't remember" to some of the trivial questions like "Do you remember when I lost that tooth?" Honestly, there's been over twelve, so no, I don't remember. I remember the first tooth very clearly though.

For my son, I knew the early memories would soon fade so I journaled often. I have this sweet The First 1000 Days Baby Journal that I record month by month his progress.

5 weeks old "Rubs eyes when tired. Working on sucking on his hands. Big smiles!"

4 months 3 weeks "Practice chewing! Imitating chewing, lips pursed together, jaw going up and down. So cute!!! Drool involved of course."

7 months "He's making kissy noises and starting to 'kiss' with big wide open slobbery kisses! In bed, in the morning, playing with a hole in our comforter, up he comes, mouth open, plasters a big wet kiss on me. He repeats this multiple times. 💓💓💓 Happy Mamma!!"

Just reading this back make me smile. I don't remember it all by recall. I have a million things flying in and out of my mind at any given time. Let's find ways to treasure and remember the moments better. Let's always remember that this time is precious even though it's difficult.

For me that's writing the moments, the memories down. I also recorded a lot of family memories of the first years that I treasure so much. Moments of my daughters with their newborn baby brother. Daddy and son moments. It's so special! Hold the moments dear, because they're gone before we know it.

Much love,


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