Leave the House, Leave the Job

I shared with you on Friday about our weekend hike (see that blog HERE).

After our picnic the girls played in the woods while the baby slept. They made a wigwam out of branches that was pretty neat. I lay on the gravel road and looked up at the blue sky and thought how peaceful it was.

My husband came and lay next to me on the ground and I thought "all I need is a mattress and this would be perfect" as the rocks dug in my back. We looked at the sky, talked a little, and then closed our eyes for awhile. So peaceful.

The baby woke with a cry while we were laying there. I jumped up and held him. Then we packed up and headed back to the truck to made our way back down the mountain.

The drive was pleasant and sunny. The kids played happily together smooshed tight in the back seat. I just relaxed and let my thoughts run on to the evening and the following day.

Then we got home.

It's always work when we get home. Things to take out of the car and put away in the house. After hiking we all take showers (poison oak prevention) and wash our clothes. Then dinner needs to happen as well.

I walked in to my house, hands full of things to put away and saw THIS:

and this

Dishes EVERYWHERE. Every surface of my kitchen cover in dirty dishes and food and trash. The table with jam still stuck to it from the baby's breakfast toast. Stuff on the couch and on the chairs. Stuff to do!

I thought "This is why it's so important to leave the house."

Whether you work outside the home or you work inside the home, or BOTH. It's so helpful to get out of the house. Leave the dishes, leave the laundry, leave the chores and everything that need to be done. Go on a walk, play at the park, go for a hike, whatever you find enjoyable as a family. Take the time to leave the house for a little while and just have fun.

Much love,


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