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This morning is going well!

I'm writing this Monday, and recently I've been dreading Mondays. Maybe it's the seasonal depression or the chaos of my toddler while trying to do school despite the preteen attitudes. Whatever it is, things have been rough, but this morning is nice.

Maybe it's because my hubby is home for the day and is taking baby to his pediatrician check up. Boy, am I grateful for that! It's also left me alone with my two daughters, the way things were for years before our sweet baby boy arrived.

It's quite. It's peaceful. It's simple. It's 10 am (time change made the day start earlier than normal) and both girls have finished their individual school work and together we've prayed, read a devotional, Bed Time math, and our History! We normally only are able to get through two or three things in the morning with the baby running around.

So, a pause in the day came, as I cooked my breakfast oatmeal, and the girls finished theirs. They sat down on the couch and started playing with their beloved baby dolls. They pulled out the scraps of my modifying my cloth diapers and started cloth diapering their babies!
My second daughter's baby all bundled up after her diaper change.

I recall back to my post about Learning through Play and I smile. How true it is. It's these sweet moments of "playing Mama" that are practice for one day if they become Mamas. It's watching and imitating the roles that they want to fill some day.

How precious is this time Mamas. So short, so intense, so challenging, so beautiful! They're watching and learning all the time. They're playing and exploring and growing. It's a sweet gift for me to pause in my rush, sit still, and watch my babies play with their "babies". 

I hope your day is going well!
Much love,


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