Self Sabotage

My baby is very angry in this picture. Can you guess why?

If you look closely you will see the water droplets on the changing table near the top of his head and that he is wet. 

That's right, he peed on himself.

He has a bit of a rash so I was letting his skin get some air time and...well...he's a boy!

This picture makes me laugh because he really did this to himself. He didn't intend to pee on his own head, of course, but he is the reason he is crying. And yet he doesn't even realize it. All he knows is that he is uncomfortable and it is making him angry!

This picture makes me laugh, but it also makes me think. When I get angry, especially when I get mom anger, its usually my own fault. I don't self sabotage by peeing on myself, instead I do it by creating unrealistic expectations. I develop a plan in my head and expect things to go just as I imagine. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ridiculous, right? Just as ridiculous as a baby crying because he peed on himself.

At a recent MOPS meeting a friend shared how she had a better time on their first camping trip with their two little ones than her husband had, and she felt it was because she had lower expectations than he did. She figured they weren't going to get much sleep, so when they didn't she didn't take it nearly as hard as he did. Its not like she was being negative and down, she just had REALISTIC expectations. She knew that she had two little boys that had never slept outside before and it might not go too smoothly.

What do realistic expectations look like? Don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure it out. I just know that I need to be better at not peeing on myself.

Lots of love,



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