Setting Goals

Finding Structure in the Chaos

I like structure. I like routine and schedule and predictability. I like knowing what's going to happen and having plans...

I'm a mom. A stay at home mom of three children! I homeschool, which is a full time job. I'm the maid, the cook, the organizer, the slave driver (that's a joke), the "everything lady". ALL. DAY. LONG. And unlike a job out of the home, which has some predictability to it, mom life is unpredictable, especially with a baby.
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Sure, I can plan what's going to happen in a day. I can make a schedule I fully intend to follow. I can make a to-do list of all I want to accomplish...

Then my child has a meltdown and is yelling and screaming for thirty minutes and there goes my plan! My schedule can be great but then the kids are on a different schedule and then what?! I can make that to-do list and get NONE of it done... 

The baby dumped my coffee over.
There's oatmeal on my freshly cleaned sweatshirt.
The kids traipsed wet and muddy leaves into the house when I JUST swept!

It never goes according to plan, because I'm working with people here, and my little people come first in my true priorities and agenda.

So, how do I get anything done?
How do I make progress?

How do I hold on to some calm in the chaos?

First off, I have a general routine of when things happen in the day. 
Morning: Getting ready for the day and school
Noon: Lunch
Afternoon: Rest Time
Evening: Family Time

Secondly, if I want to be extra productive (above all the normal daily tasks), I set goals... I've tried the to-do list but I usually end up feeling overwhelmed and then failing at it.


  1. Fold the Laundry
  2. Do school with the girls
  3. Get out of the house
Anyone?! ;D

Simple, doable goals help me to accomplish things I want to without putting so much weight on them. Without putting my desire to check the box above the little ones I desire to love on every day. It keeps me motivated and making progress in a way that doesn't ex out everything else.

Life is crazy, Mamas. I think we'd all like a little more predictability some times. This season of motherhood is a wild ride. Enjoy it, work within your limitations and your freedoms in this season and enjoy the ride!

Much love,


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