Thanksgiving or Thanks Giving?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

The family is gathering, the food is being cooked, and maybe some drama to go along with both. It's Thanksgiving time!
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I have great memories growing up of Thanksgiving and a very large family gathering with so much food we ate till we barely could move. I remember long walks after all the eating and before the pie to help give our tummy's a break. I remember lots of talking and laughter.

But what I love the most about our family gatherings, is that we give thanks. Every Thanksgiving my family of up to 50 people gather around after the delicious meal and we share praises. Thanks giving about new jobs, or babies, for how we've learned of God's love more, and long time blessings that we are still so grateful for, like our family.

Each year, we give thanks on Thanksgiving.

I want to challenge you this Thanksgiving to take the time, even just by yourself, to write down or share out loud what you are truly thankful for. Enjoy the food, enjoy the family, and avoid the drama but most of all give thanks for all that you have and all that you love.

I hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving!

Much love,


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