The Angst & The Lie

I'm struggling today.

I feel the angst. I feel the discontentment. I feel the monotony and the purposelessness... and there is the lie.

I ask myself, "Is it true? Is it purposeless what I'm doing day in and day out?" I have two preteens and a toddler. I juggle homeschooling and housework and trying to connect with other. I feel worn out, tired, discouraged at times. It just goes on and on and seems to all blur together, the days and the weeks, the laundry and correcting schoolwork, the housework and the cooking, nothing seems to be breaking up the monotony and I feel it!

The angst is normal, it comes. It's hard living a life of littles and small moments with the big weight of raising kids to adulthood at the same time. It's hard to do the same little tasks over and over and over and OVER and not get so sick of it! It's hard to deal with bad attitudes and tantrums and whining and back talk and fits. It's hard and the angst of "really, this is my life," does come.

Then comes The Lie: It's not worth it. 
You could be doing something more important, more glamorous, more fulfilling right now. You could be making more of a difference outside the home, in the "real" world.

That's a pretty powerful lie and I think we all hear it at times. I know I do. Is it true?

Does the diapers and feedings day in and out matter?

Yes! You are creating safety and health for your baby but along with that consistency, you are teaching them of true love that gives even when it doesn't feel like it. Love that shows up even when it's hard. Diapering, feeding, and holding your child teaches them that love is real and they can trust it. That foundation effects EVERY future relationship in their life!

Does the dealing with bad attitudes and disciplining make a difference? Is it worth all the effort and trouble?

Yes! Correcting and guiding and disciplining our kids is part of the powerful way we love them. It's showing up to do the job NO ONE wants to do! It helps them grow into adults who have self-discipline, who have the guidance to make good choices, and who know that you are there to help them whenever they need it. It is not easy! But that correcting, guiding, disciplining work is crucial for the adults our kids will become.

The angst. This is hard! It's difficult. There's a lot of not fun things about parenting. It feels like I'm spinning my wheels and making no progress at time.

The lie: "It doesn't matter what I do, it's not really making much of a difference" or "I could be doing something more important elsewhere".

THE TRUTH: You are absolutely invaluable to your kids! You cannot be replaced and no one can do the special job of being "Mom" that you can. You were chosen and called to be YOUR KIDS' Mom! That is a high honor and a tough calling. You are making a world of difference in EVERY SINGLE LITTLE MONOTONOUS AND DIFFICULT TASK YOU DO!

Much love,

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