What my Baby has Taught Me

I just want to start this post by saying that I know you arent all Christians. And this blog isnt supposed to be directed towards only Christian mamas. However, Ive had a close relationship with Jesus for twenty years, and I cant really keep Him out of my daily conversation. My spiritual beliefs are a huge part of my identity as Im sure yours are a huge part of your identity. Its even a bigger part of my identity than motherhood is. So I really cant separate it from my writing, and I really dont want to.

As many of you know, I have five children. By the time this blog is published my youngest will be almost 4 months old. The journey through the newborn stage with my youngest has reminded me of a lot of things, and I just wanted to share them with you because I really feel like it gives me insight into the heart of God as our father.

Ive been thinking a lot about the relationship between my son and I and about how that so reflects the relationship we should have with God.

When my son needs nourished, I am quick to give him the best food possible. When we are feeling weak, God gives us His word to strengthen us and help us grow. We should come to it often throughout the day, as a newborn baby comes to the breast often.

My son will gaze at me with admiration for long periods of time. He smiles the biggest for me. He coos the loudest for me. Our worship should be directed to God alone. He should be the center of our worship, the apple of our eye.

When my son is frightened or bored or tired, he finds comfort on my arms. We should seek God for comfort.

When my son is fussy and inconsolable, I still love and care for him. God does the same for us. He never gives up on us. He is much more patient than I am! His love is enduring and everlasting.

When my son poops or spits up all over himself, I am faithful to clean him up. No matter how unpleasant of a job it is. No matter how many times it happens. God is the same way. No matter how much we mess up our lives if we cry out to Him He will come and clean us up. No matter how many times. He is so faithful.

I want to have a strong and lasting relationship with my son. Thats how God feels about each of us.

I really feel like Motherhood can give us such an insight to the heart of God. There are probably so many other ways that our children teach us about our Creator. Would you like to share some that you have seen? Please comment!

Blessings to you, mamas!


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