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The Last Day of 2019


Preparing for a New Year

In two days we hit New Year's Day!

Now, I'm a mom... obviously... That's my preficiate to tell you we don't stay up to midnight. I'm tired! I honestly don't want my kids up to midnight either. I've nearly let them stay up a few years but I always got too tired myself to stay up. I think I sound kind of pathetic right now, but hey, it's a season. In this season of motherhood (with little ones), sleep is a precious gift that I'm not willing to give up intentionally right now.

Even though I don't rigorously celebrate New Year's Eve, I still find it an important time of year. It marks another year passing, which means my kids are all a year older and new year is about to come full of unknown adventures, challenges, and sweet times.

As I look forward to the New Year, I like to make goals, not resolutions but goals. Each year I like to evaluate what I would like to accomplish in the new year and what I need to do to attain that goal. Then I write goa…

The After Christmas Crash

How are you doing today, dear Mama?

I would absolutely LOVE IT if you would share a little bit about your Christmas was with me in the comments below!

Mine was pretty good!

It all went smoothly and was pleasant. I did feel strange a bit. I felt like Christmas wasn't really coming and at the same time I felt exhausted and just wanted it over with... Anyone else?

It was a special time and really sweet to get to see family and exchange gifts and hang out. It was such a blessing to be able to get some things we needed/wanted for Christmas and it was even nice weather, we had SUN Christmas day here in Oregon! Weird, right?

Now, it's after Christmas and I'm seriously feeling the after Christmas CRASH! I'm TIRED!! I'm EXHAUSTED! I could nap for HOURS if only my kid would nap that long as well. My kids are tired, excited and happy, but tired as well. My hubby is tired. It's just been a lot of busy and doing and getting ready and now, BOOM, it's after Christmas and anoth…

We did it!


Merry Christmas Dear Mama!

Hello dear Mama,


I truly hope your day is going well, that your kids are happily playing with presents, and that your not feeling too exhausted and worn out. 

It's probably afternoon or evening (or even days after Christmas) as your reading this. So I just want to say Merry Christmas! You are a great mom, your doing a great job, and everything that you did this holiday season was more than enough. 

It's not about the gifts that are all opened now. It's not about the food that's probably all good and eaten by now. It's not about the lights and the tree and the decorating though those all are nice. 

Whatever you did or didn't get done, take a breath. You did it! :) You celebrated another Christmas. You made the holidays special for your kids. You got to do some family holiday traditions and that's enough.

Time to relax, enjoy, and take a breath.

You are an amazing mom and women!

Merry Christmas,
Lots of love from Joy and LeeπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“



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