A Happy Christmas Tradition

Last night we decorated our tree.

*Big smile*

So we picked out our tree Saturday morning at a local tree farm and it sat outside that night. Sunday my hubby brought in the house and put it in its stand much to the baby's delight, but we didn't decorate it that night either.

We finally ended up decorating it on Monday night. It had been kind of a day. Arguments, tension, fatigue, the baby didn't nap AGAIN! We ended up taking a long back road drive to get him a little nap and then he was BONKERS crazy cranky all evening.

But it was time to decorate the tree!
(the finished product complete with baby's ornament from last year hanging from the bottom)

I made Hot Cocoa from scratch (due to food intolerances nearly everything has to be made from scratch), creamy rich hot cocoa. I threw some cookies in the oven even though I know we'd probably be a little sugared out with the hot cocoa. I had my hubby turn on the Fireplace on the Tv ... we don't have a real fireplace so this is something we do as decorate the tree, AND the Christmas music!

It's amazing how just changing the atmosphere of the house, to Christmasy and fun, lightened the mood. I danced a little in the kitchen with my hubby as the cookies baked, the baby ran around in delight over all the ornaments that lay waiting to be put on the tree, and our girls bounced and smiled in delight.

Hot cocoa in hand we headed to the living room to decorate the tree. This is my favorite! Pulling out special ornaments we've made as a family over the year, looking at them and remembering the sweet memories attached to each one, then placing it carefully on the tree. It such a sweet tradition that we enjoy so much.
Our little one enjoyed playing with the nativity set.

It reminds us of the sweetness of the years gone by and the treasure of all being together for another one. As we pull out each kid's First Christmas photo with Santa and place it on the dresser in the entry way we smile. What a gift it is to be family! What a treasure to get to have the joy of a Christmas with health and family, with God providing our every need. It's special!

What do you do that makes you reminisce and give thanks this Christmas? What are you favorite holiday traditions?

Much love,


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