A Little Something

Last Saturday was our day to go get our Christmas tree. We slept in till 8 am when the baby woke up. He joined me in bed for nursing and snuggles. Daddy went to do the bills and the girls were in their room putting laundry away. 

Baby and I got to play for awhile before it was time to get up. My eldest came and got the baby and I jumped into the bathroom for a quick shower.

As I walked out of my room I smelled food cooking, my hubby had made oatmeal for us all. He often makes pancakes for breakfast on Saturdays but we wanted to get out to go find a tree.

I sat down with the kiddos at the farmhouse table and we all ate our warm oatmeal with milk, baby taking bites of mine the whole time despite having a bowl of his own.

After breakfast, we all moved into the living room to have Bible and prayer time together (this is something new we did). We squished our five person family onto our regular-sized couch to pray, read the Bible, and answer discussion questions.

The Bible time ended with baby screaming for the highlighter his sister was using and having a poopy diaper that needed changed. Time to get the kids all mobilized, dressed, and out of the house.

I took the opportunity to fold and put away the cloth diapers that were sitting in the dryer from the night before. I knew everyone else was busy showering and dressing so baby came with me to "help" with diapers.

As I finished putting away the last of the cloth diapers (something that has become one of my favorite chores) my husband popped in our baby's room to ask when I was ready to leave...

"Oh, I don't know. I haven't even thought about what I need to do to be ready. I was thinking about getting stuff done." I did a quick mental list to see what I hadn't done.

Makeup. I hadn't put on makeup. Was I going to wear makeup today? All we are doing is going to a tree lot in the wood and cutting down a tree. Hopefully followed by an evening of decorating the tree together. 

I'd put on a little. 

So I went to the bathroom and put a little concealer on my acne scars and dabbed it in, not concealing fully, just lightening the red spots. I put on a little cream blush then filled in my eyebrows. I looked in the mirror and smiled. Just a little something, that's all. Just a little color to my lips and cheeks. Just a little something to fill like I've put some attention towards getting me ready for the day.

I used to judge or wonder about those moms who looked put together. HOW DO THEY DO IT??? But as I'm grown as a Mom, and grown in age, I find there's something nice and refreshing about taking some time in the morning to get myself ready, not just my kids. To put a little effort into how I feel, instead of just making sure everyone else is feeling prepared. It's just a little something, but I enjoy it.

How do you prioritize yourself? Is there a little something you do for yourself to help you feel more prepared for the day?

Much love,


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