Dear mama…it’s a lie.

A few days ago I almost hit a little deer. It ran right out in front of me, I was barely able to put the brakes on in time enough to miss him. I know, you’re not supposed to slam on the brakes, but there was no one behind me and the road was dry. The little one looked at me confusedly and then continued walking across the road.

A couple days later, at nearly the same spot, he almost jumped out in front of me again.

And then I saw it. The bloated body of a dead deer. I just know it was his mama. And he was lost and confused without her.

Do you ever feel like your kids would be better off without you? I sure do feel that way about my kids. Quite often.

When I’m feeling depressed because life is just not going the way I think it should. When I’m suffering from mom guilt because I’ve yelled at them or spoken too sharply. When I’m battling my own hormones and theirs as well. When I just don’t feel strong enough, smart enough, good enough in any way…

Yeah, I think it a lot.

But it’s a LIE.

My children would not be better off without me. Without me, they would be like that little lost deer, who will probably get hit by a car himself because he has no one to guide him and take care of him.  Because I am the mama that God chose for them, and He doesn’t make mistakes.

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It doesn’t matter how the day/week/year is going. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve blown it. We were meant to be their mamas. And we CAN do this!

Lots of love to you, Mama. You are AMAZING!


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