Is Hard Normal or is Good?

I had a wonderful prayer time this morning.

I was inside (it's freeze degrees outside), sitting next to my happy light, and my coffee in hand. I just felt so blessed. As I thanked God for the week I realized what a special week it had been.
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We got our school work done happily and with no bad attitudes. I didn't yell. We met up with several friends this week which is always nice. We went on walks and had sunny days despite the cold weather. 

It was a wonderful week. 

Would I have noticed the beauty of this week if I hadn't been having seasonal depression, no motivation, and general angst with life? Would I have thanked God for such a joyful week if I hadn't been feeling such a lack of joy and peace lately? Would I have said
"yes" to so many meet ups with friends if I hadn't been feeling lonely and isolated?

I think sometimes we see the hard days or hard moments as imposters to our "perfect" lives. I think the hard day or moments are normal life and when we have those days were most everything goes right, well that's an unsual day.
Photo Credit: unsplash

This life is hard but it's beautiful and I think it's so important to count the small victories, rejoice in a good day, or week, or moment. Look for the beauty for it's all around you. Just take a moment to acknowlege all your blessing. Even in the hardest time there is always something to be thankful for.

Much love,


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