Less Stuff & Christmas?!??!

How Minimalism has effected my Christmas

I've shared about how I've minimized the stuff in my house, worked to be more intentional about my time, and simplified my schedule in an effort to be more intentional about my purpose in life.

So how does that work at Christmas time when everything says more, more, MORE!!!! 

First of all, I resisted all urges to participate in Black Friday. I've never been one to go out shopping on that day but I usually get caught up in the online sales, at least a little bit. A screen and invisible money on my debit card is a weakness of mine. I resisted this year because a blog Becoming Minimalist helped encourage me to look bigger than buying stuff.

Secondly, simplifying has effect my peace with Christmas. I always enjoy giving to family and friends but there is a certain level of stress with finding and buying and budgeting for Christmas. It is 21 days till Christmas as I'm writing this, and honestly, I haven't even started to shop. I'm hoping to start tonight. There's something about keeping it simple that helps alleviate a lot of the present getting stress.
Photo Credit: Becomingminimalsit

Thirdly, minimizing has helped me to focus on purpose more. The purpose of gift-giving is to show love and bring joy. How can I do that? One of the ways for me and my family is making handmade gifts. It's fun and connecting to make the gifts together as a family and there is just something special about giving a gift that took time and energy from me personally.

Fourth, and lastly, working on simplifying has effect the types of gift I make and seek. I want to create and buy useful, meaningful gifts. Things that won't just sit on a shelf in someone's home but will have purpose. In buying for my own kids, this means I'm going to get gifts they can create new things with, often things that they'll use up and won't be around the house all year, but things they'll truly enjoy.
Hand painted, personalized mugs for family.

Mamas, I hope you are having fun enjoying and preparing for Christmas. I wish you many blessings and lots of love!



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