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Today Im going to talk about something that is relevant for all of us. Its something we all have in common, no matter what race, religion, income bracket, family size, or area of the world we live in: laundry. Some people hate doing it, some dont mind, some just make someone else do it.

I am just not that kind of girl...

 I thought I would share some tips and tricks that I have learned over the years and use as a lady who manages the laundry of a household of 7 people.

  •  Making your own laundry soap saves a lot of $! I currently use this recipe, but have also used this one. I like them both, my hubby just prefers a more liquid soap, and Ive heard that powdered is harder on the septic system.
  • Line drying your laundry saves $, too!  Who doesnt like a lower electric bill? And it makes your laundry smell amazing. You may be thinking, Who has time to hang up laundry?. Admittedly, it does take more time to hang laundry than to just transfer it from the washer to the dryer. However, its a chore you can do while baby wearing (a plus for me right now) and its a more peaceful chore. I love hanging up my laundry while the birds are singing in the morning and taking it off when the sun is setting in the evening. You dont have to invest in fancy laundry line system. I attached both sides of an old pool ladder to two trees and hung my line across it. I have enough line to hold two loads at once. May look a bit hick, but its in the back yard where no one ever sees it.
  • Using wool dryer balls saves $, too! I bought mine at Grocery Outlet (our local discount store) for $10 a few years ago. They keep your clothes from being staticky without adding nasty chemicals to them.
  • White vinegar is a great natural fabric softener! I always add some to my wash. Helps kill anything that might make your laundry smell, too. I add extra when I am washing cloth diapers.
  • You dont have to fold! At least not the kids' laundry. Shocker, I know. You can fold their clothes all nice and then the kid goes looking for their favorite shirt and everything is disheveled. Then you get frustrated because the nice neat drawers are ruined. This is one thing that I had to let go. Which leads me to my next tip...
  • Dont do it all yourself! Delegate, my friend. It will save your sanity! If you have a kid who can walk, you have a kid who can put their own laundry away (or at least what they can reach). It starts as a game when they are toddlers. As they grow, they get more responsibility. 
I bought these baskets from Walmart for like $4 each. 
I just fill them up with the clean laundry and deposit them in front of each kids bedroom. 
Or have them come get them.
  • Put the kids in charge of getting their own laundry into the hamper. There is no reason that you should have to pick up their laundry off the floor, mama! If you need to have a hamper for each bedroom to make that happen, so be it. Its worth it if it is one less job for you.
  • Sorting laundry can actually be a little "Me Time". I seriously don't mind sorting laundry. It's one of my favorite chores because I can do it while I'm watching a show or listening to a podcast during quiet time. I can also do it sitting down, which is nice. I sometimes sort laundry while nursing, but it's more fun to have the baby laying on the bed next to the laundry and "talking" to me

These are just some things that I have learned over the years that have made my laundry life a little easier. I'm sure there are more tips. I'm sure there are more. Maybe you have some for me? I would love to hear them.

Blessings, mama!


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