Preparing for a New Year

In two days we hit New Year's Day!

Now, I'm a mom... obviously... That's my preficiate to tell you we don't stay up to midnight. I'm tired! I honestly don't want my kids up to midnight either. I've nearly let them stay up a few years but I always got too tired myself to stay up. I think I sound kind of pathetic right now, but hey, it's a season. In this season of motherhood (with little ones), sleep is a precious gift that I'm not willing to give up intentionally right now.

Even though I don't rigorously celebrate New Year's Eve, I still find it an important time of year. It marks another year passing, which means my kids are all a year older and new year is about to come full of unknown adventures, challenges, and sweet times.

As I look forward to the New Year, I like to make goals, not resolutions but goals. Each year I like to evaluate what I would like to accomplish in the new year and what I need to do to attain that goal. Then I write goals according to that. 
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I'm going to pull out my journal and let you peak into my 

Last Year's Goals:

2019 My Financial Goal: To pay off ALL our credit card debt. WHICH WE DID!!! Yay! 

2019 Homeschool Goal: A more relaxed homeschool environment. 
I think I've improved on that relaxed environment but haven't quite reached it yet.

2019 Relational Goal: To be an encouraging friend and to nurture friendships.
This I did do and intentionally so. I worked at connecting better in person with my friends and I got out of my comfort zone and started having people over for dinner.

So now that's a quick look back now let's look forward to the New Year, to new goals and dreams and forward motion. What do you want your 2020 Year New to look like? What do you want to grow in and how do you want to pursue that growth in this upcoming year? What kind of home environment would you like to see in your home? What kind of relationship would you like to have your kids? Your spouse or partner? Your family member? What would you like to accomplish in your work? 

Ask yourself these question and jot down some of the answer. Work from there to make a goal list that can help you accomplish more of what matters most to you in 2020.

Do you stay up on New Year's Eve with your kids? If so, share below what you do to make it fun and special?

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  1. We do! We are having a masquerade this year, making fun masks with friends and family and then playing board games. We shoot off fireworks at 9 pm. Some of the kids fall asleep before midnight, others don’t. We spend New Year’s day with family, eating good food, playing games, and watching football.

    1. That sounds SO FUN! I love that. If I was doing that for New Year's Eve I would totally stay up. :)


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