Slow Down

5 Days till Christmas!

Can you believe it? It's nearly here. The last FIVE DAYS are here! I'm sure you, like I, have had a lot going on this month, and still have a lot more to get done.

Gifts to finish wrapping, food to make, plans to fulfill. All. The. Things.

How are you feeling? Are you feeling stressed? Rushed? Tired? I know that's often how I feel but I also, often feel excited and eager and the anticipating building. So many fun things to do, gifts to give, family to be with. It's nearly here!

Today, dear Mama, I was to encourage you to slow down. I know, WE'RE NEARLY THERE and there is SO MUCH TO DO, but slow down, take a breath, look around, and enjoy this.

Go for a drive and look at the Christmas lights with your little one. Maybe sit under the tree, cuddle your baby, and look at the lights. Take a pause and enjoy the sweetest of this season, put the list aside, and slow down.

Slow down because this moment only happens once. Slow down, because your kid will only be this young once. Take a moment to enjoy and wonder at Christmas because there's so much joy to be had as you look at your child who is full of delight.

Slow down.

Breath deep.

You've got this!
My kids trying to figure out what their presents are.

Even if it doesn't all get done, it's okay. You don't have to do it all, it may not all happen. Enjoy and wonder and laugh and smile this Christmas. Let your child draw you in to the wonder of lights and Santa Clause. To presents under the tree and the anticipation of Christmas morning. Bake cookies, make messes, soak up this time with your babies, for their only little for a little while.

Much love,


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